Nevaeh Saunders

Have you ever needed a break from the world? A reprieve from reality? That’s what writing does for me. In the pieces I write, I am able to escape from whatever problems lay at my feet. It started in middle school when I needed something to get my mind off my family problems. Little me was drowning in a world she never imagined, and needing something, anything as a lifeline. That was writing. Words flowed on those beloved pages. They were the start of a lifelong love of putting words to paper. I write to feel alive, to feel free. It’s almost as if when I am writing, I can breathe better. I am perfectly content in my head, in my heart.

There is not one singular topic that I lean towards. For a long time, I shied away from my real feelings but in recent years I’ve embraced them. After journaling myself through my first heartbreak, I started to put my feelings into poems. My longer stories center on strong, independent young women who are going through a difficult time but push through. Many of my stories reflect my favorite parts of me.

My pieces mean something, everything, to me. They should mean something to my readers, too. I simply want them to feel. It may be cliché, but life inspires my work. The world around me always becomes the world on my paper. Much of this collection has no rhyme or no reason to it. I wanted to shock readers with each piece. In my organization, I chose to loosely group pieces together. It begins with an inner turmoil I had leading up to college, one that I still babysit daily. The middle pieces are the ones that have little to do with my life, but I simply enjoyed writing them. And to end my collection of pieces, I wanted to provide an inside look at my deepest feelings about love and relationships. Each piece is meant to pack a punch and leave the audience reeling. Enjoy!

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